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Essential Traits for Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

"He's a bad employee" or "She's great at her job." These two ideas are often governed by personal feelings and intuition. So how do you identify who is the best person on your team? In addition to specific job-related knowledge, great employees often possess a range of unique traits. While different jobs require different skills, there are clear similarities in the way all great employees think. Here are the characteristics of great employees.

Pursue More

In the journey of pursuing excellence, for some people, simply meeting the minimum standards is not enough. These people have the spark of ambition. They pursue more than just meeting the basic requirements, but find more in the process of challenging their own limits. A great sense of achievement and personal satisfaction. For these individuals who pursue excellence, the goal is not just to complete tasks or achieve set goals, but to exceed their own expectations and discover their potential abilities, so that they will feel satisfied.

Ask a Question

For this group of people, their desire for knowledge is endless, and they are eager to deeply understand the essence of things and understand the operation process. Unlike people who are satisfied with superficial information, they not only pursue the appearance of things, but also hope to dig deeper into the underlying facts. Nature. This exploratory mindset enables them to go beyond the basics and find ways to optimize systems and processes to achieve further progress.


This group of people is very concerned about their work performance and passionate about the careers they are involved in. When asked "What do you do?" their eyes sparkle with enthusiasm, as if this is not just a job, but something more. It is a manifestation of pursuit and love. For them, work is not simply the fulfillment of duties, but a manifestation of commitment and investment.

Be Creative

This group of people possesses independent and profound thinking, which sets them apart from the majority of employees in the workplace. This ability for independent thinking not only showcases their uniqueness but also highlights their creativity, enabling them to surpass the constraints of traditional thinking frameworks.

Loves Challenging the Status Quo

They are driven by the desire to be right, even when faced with crazy ideas. They will find a way when everyone else says it's impossible. This desire for correctness drives them. As they continue to pursue new possibilities.

Overall, evaluating employees with challenging traits through performance assessment tools or systems can be quite complex. While one-on-one meetings are an effective method, conducting them weekly may incur higher costs for managers. However, despite the challenges of assessing and managing these traits, investing time and resources in this area is crucial for the long-term development of the entire organization.

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