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We make payroll automation easy


Combining the power of Workday’s HCM with our payroll software is going to change the way you feel about running payroll.

Our payroll software will elevate your payroll processes to new heights of efficiency and accuracy.
At i-Admin, we understand the importance of seamless payroll integration and its impact on your business operations. Our team of experts specialize in integrating our payroll software seamlessly with Workday, ensuring a smooth transition and multiplying the value of both systems.

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Seamless Workday Integration

Automate your Taiwan payroll using all of your team’s employment information on Workday.

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View Payslips on Workday

Your team will be able to access all of their payroll information on their Workday account.

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Implementation by i-Admin

Getting started is easy.  Our team of payroll experts will help you set up your system and get started running your payroll.

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+11 year partnership with Workday
+240K payslips processed with Workday
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9 certified locations
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Additional Features

  • Customizable Payroll Configurations to Align with Your Business

  • Taiwan Tax and Social Security Calculations

  • Cloud-based platform accessible anywhere, anytime

  • Regulatory compliance updates

  • Fast and user friendly software

  • Robust user access management

  • Streamlined multi-entities management with single login

i-Admin and Workday Integration FAQ

What is the relationship between i-Admin and Workday?

A: i-Admin is a Global Payroll Cloud (GPC) certified Partner of Workday.


How does i i-Admin’s payroll software work with Workday?

A: Our system has an interface to convert the workday file in the PECI format shared through SFTP and the verified data is uploaded into our application.

What kind of data will be extracted from Workday to i-Admin?

A: Employee details such as Name, Address, Job Details, Costing details, Bank Account Details, Salary, Compensation and Benefits and One time payments

We are thinking of switching to Workday but can your implementation run parallel?

A: Yes, we can support parallel run before switching to Workday. However we emphasize to verify data collection & upload into our system post your Workday integration. Please do note that you can use our certified integration for Workday set up for a smoother process.

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Take the first step to automating your payroll


Empowering HR and Streamlining Payroll Processes:
Enhancing Workday HCM with Seamless Payroll Integration

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